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Batch no. 1:
Geranium & Lavender

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I am passionate about health and wellness and I believe it’s not only limited to what’s within, but also includes taking care of the skin you’re in. Everyday, we make choices about the skin products we use - from lotions to perfumes and deodorants - but we rarely give much attention to the ingredients in them. The journey to truly investing in yourself starts with the decision to put your health first. 

That’s where Glory Pits come in ...
Glory pits was birthed out of my desire for a friendly alternative to commercial deodorants when I learned how harmful some of their ingredients are. I decided to create an all-natural, vegan, quality deodorant. Glory Pits works to support your body to optimise wellness while doing what a great deodorant should do. 

Start each day by being kind to yourself and your body. So you can journey through each day Gloriously!
From me to you.




Batch no. 2:
Lavender & Ylang Ylang

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Quality Vegan Ingredients

Our mission is to provide you with quality ingredients. Therefore, we research every ingredient used in our products to ensure they are of the highest quality and the best ingredients for you. Each ingredient has been selected for its unique properties, health promoting benefits, fragrance and effectiveness in our recipes.


Batch no. 3:
Sweet Orange & Sandalwood

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Environmentally Friendly, Inside and Out.

We are going against the industry norm by saying no to the use of plastic and instead opting for recycled paper packaging for our products. We take seriously the call to reduce the amount of plastic polluting the earth. Because caring about the environment is everybody's business!


Batch no. 4:
Cedarwood & Bergamot

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What our customers say!


"This deodorant is so moisturising, it really nourishes my skin."


"This deodorant is light and easy to wear yet effective. The smell is so lovely."


"I noticed that I did not sweat, which I was surprised by. I did not need to apply any more on throughout the day which was good. It has a smooth texture."  



"I love the smell and the texture of Glory Pits, this deodorant is very effective and easy to use."


"I love that it is made from natural and organic ingredients that do not harm my body." 


"I like the protection it offers, It gives me high level protection all day which I need as I am a busy mother. It is not irritating like other natural deodorants tend to be.

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Eunice Asante

My love for creating natural products started in my mid teens, as I was becoming more aware of the awesomeness of nature. Since then, I have been fascinated by the power of the natural ingredient to heal and support our bodies. Being from London, I'm all too used to the hustle and bustle of city life, which unfortunately includes pollution which can take a toll on our bodies. 

I began educating myself on how harmful some of the ingredients in commercial skin-care products are and I felt compelled to find safe and effective natural alternatives that both limited the wear and tear city life had on my body, but also worked to promote my internal wellness. And so my commitment to manufacturing all things natural began.   

Fast forward 15 years and here I am, even more passionate about creating natural products. Especially as I continue to learn about the relationship between our health and what we put onto and into our bodies.

I feel so blessed to be able to share what I love doing with you all. I hope you will really enjoy using Glory products. So stick around as I expand my product range,

From me to you,